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Write, Make and Release more music than ever before with our unique emotional piano ballads.
Available in every emotional context to support your story.

The New Standard in Making Music

Your Story

We're providing all of the emotional context available to suit your background and your story.

Easy Song Writing

Writing a hit song has never been this easy. Try our beautifull instrumentals for free and see how easy it is.

100% Time Saving

We guarantee that you will save at least half of your time using our Emotional Piano Instrumentals.


Love the chord progressions, love the build up, love the tension, love your feedback, love how we work togehter. Love man!



It's been hard for me to find instrumentals. The emotional piano ballads are just emotionally on the same level.



I have spent so much time, finding the right beats. When I found Daddynervs Music, I saved so much time. Thank for everything!



How it works

  • Choose your song

    Listen to our beautiful instrumentals on YouTube or in the webplayer below. The visuals help you understand certain emotional context so you can choose the perfect instrumental.

  • Choose your license

    Choose one of three licenses that suite your needs most. Premium, Elite or Ultimate. Our licenses are priced so well you can earn more money back!

  • Save a lot of time

    Don't ever worry about quality music again! Save a load of time with our mix ready instrumentals so you can focus on your story being told.

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About Our Way of Working

We just do things different. Putting the artists first.
We only offer quality music to quality artists. We’ll never sell you ‘just an MP3’. We promise.

  • No more writers block

    Sound familiar? Writing your music and your inspiration is just, poof, gone? And sometimes days go by, maybe weeks and you just leave that song for what it is...

  • Not reaching the high notes

    You found a great instrumental or you made a cool song on your piano or guitar, but now.. You can't reach that high note that is so important...

  • Missing Instruments

    Sometimes you want drums, bass, a harp or some brass.

  • Just not the right one

    Or you are writing a song and it just does not sound like it's there yet. Something is missing and you just can't figure out what it is

  • Focused on selling beats

    The most funny thing is that many producer's just do'nt realize you have to work together. They are to focused on selling their music/

  • Save Time Writing

    You do'nt need to worry about the music anymore. Our beautiful mix ready instrumentals will provide you enough guidance for writing your emotions down of paper.

  • Transposing Service

    From now on you will reach those notes. We're the only ones who will transpose every instrumental to your needs so you can make it in to one of the greatest hit songs ever!

  • Instrumentation Addon

    We add every instrument you want, the way you want it when we mix and master your song. So all your wishes will be fulfilled.

  • Specialized in Emotional Piano Ballads

    We know what you are missing and it's about the story behind it. The music.. Our instrumentals support your story for 100%

  • Full Focus on Artist

    We will guide you towards that hit song, providing you with our song writing method, recording advice, transposing service, instrumentation addons and many many more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No. All licenses come with untagged files. If you like my producer tag, you are more than welcome to use it.

Yes and No. Purchases made from the Instrumental Music Store are non-exclusive. This means that other artists may use the same instrumental. But you are able to use it in every way you like according to the license agreement.

Important to know is that you will be able to earn more money with streaming income, than you’ve paid for the instrumental.

Check out the licensing options for more information.

You will save all the time you need writing and arranging music. That’s usually 40 to 50% of the time.

You will save time avoiding writers block because our inspirational instrumentals will guide you to the words you need. Usually between 10 and 15%

With our guidance and extra services you can save even more time, given you all the time you need to write your story.

A non-exclusive license can be given to as many artists as possible. This means you can have a license to one instrumental and someone in Japan can also have the same license. you can compair this to ‘the instrumental is in stock’

Exclusive rights are given to one artist only. You can compair this to ‘the instrumental is sold out’.

We accept PayPal and Creditcard payments only. The purchase is made through the Instrumental Music Store (Webplayer). You will be redirected to the checkout automatically.

We use Beatstars as our Instrumental Music Store provider because of the great licensing service they provide for artists.

Yes. After you’ve made the payment you will be redirected to a secure download area where you can instantly download your files.

A confirmation email, which includes the download link(s) will be sent to you as well.

If for some reason you will not receive this. Daddynervs Music keeps several backups of our music files. So No worries. We have your back!

You can make a lot of money using our licenses.

January 2022, Apple Music Pay Per Stream (PPS) is $ 0,00611

Premium License
Earn up to $ 611 with streams

Elite License
Earn up to $ 3055 with streams

With the Unlimited License the possibilities are unlimited!

First, let me congratulate you with this achievement! 

When you’re song blows up, you probably want to exclusive rights to the instrumental. Just contact us to discuss the terms for the exclusive rights for that instrumental beat.

We will only sell our exclusive rights to the right artist. Therefore we would like to get to know you better. Contact us with your request here.

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