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how to find your own sound

As a music artist, finding your own sound in 2023 is crucial to stand out in a sea of talented musicians. Your sound is what makes you unique and memorable, and it’s what will attract listeners and fans to your music. But how do you go about finding your own sound in 2023?

save time as an artist

Do you want to save time as an artist? Because pressure these days is killing. With an online world where anything is possible, the competition

Hit Song

How to write a hit song in 2023? You’re a singer and you want to know how write a hit song in 2023. You’re on

Buying Instrumental Beats 2022
Buying Beats

Buying instrumental beats can be a bit difficult and a lot of questions can come to mind. In the world that we live in it’s

10 tips to prepare for a studio session

You are probably wondering how to prepare for a studio session when you finally have chosen a great studio to record your song. You want

How to prepare for a studio session

When you have a song in your head and you are looking for a perfect studio. Many things can be overwelming. In this blog I


What are the best microphones to make your song sound more pro? You have to record with a good microphone. But there are a lot