Top 10 Tips to Save Time as an artist (and Money)!

save time as an artist

Do you want to save time as an artist? Because pressure these days is killing. With an online world where anything is possible, the competition has gone up for you as an artist. Therefore, you not only need to compete with your idols such as Ed Sheeran or Adele, but you also got to compete […]

How to write a hit song in 2022

Hit Song

How to write a hit song in 2022? You’re a singer and you want to know how write a hit song in 2022. You’re on the right place, because I’m going to show to what it takes to become worlds greatest. I’ve researched over 50 artists and their hit songs to pass that knowledge on […]

10 Tips on how to prepare for a studio session in 2022.

10 tips to prepare for a studio session

You are probably wondering how to prepare for a studio session when you finally have chosen a great studio to record your song. You want your performance to be the best that you can give. In this article I am going to share my 10 tips on how to prepare yourself for a great studio […]

My 5 quick tips for buying instrumental beats online in 2022

Buying Instrumental Beats 2022

Buying instrumental beats can be a bit difficult and a lot of questions can come to mind. In the world that we live in it’s becoming easier to become an independent artists. More of you are turning your hobby in to a profession and this includes investing in yourself. Now you can make your own […]